Status per March 2017

Time to learn, i.e., begin working on, or is it with, my web site/blog. According to me, I truly need a full scale learning course, e.g., three to five days in a classroom with knowledgeable … and patient … instructor. However, my web site developer (handler?), Mr. Rik Boedhoe, MBA, informs me I can perform these ‘blog’ type tasks myself. We shall see.

The last round of travels, between mid-December and mid-February in Hong Kong, Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali and Sulawesi), indeed went very well, as in no major hurdles encountered. The weather gods and spirits cooperated and supported our itineraries.

Our friends, really good friends I must say,  Tian Mu, (The Hague University MBA, MSc.) in Hong Kong; Pritha Nandini, Jakarta, Indonesia; and her elder brother, Dido Bachtiar, Sorowako, Sulawesi, Indonesia hosted us, entertained us, traveled with us, and well, just everything that a ‘guest’ could hope for over a period of about eight to nine weeks. Each had families, and two of the three had children actually resident in their homes.

On landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, we first saw, then learned, that it had snowed the evening prior to our early morning arrival. And heavily, at least for The Netherlands. Thus, the afore-mentioned weather gods and spirits obviously assembled and decided they had been gentle enough and for too long. Whatever.

As many friends and colleagues ask, well, where to next? Reply? Not certain, at least not until late August when depart to the USA for our annual trek. One event this year will be special: The Du Quoin, Illinois High School Class of 1962 will gather for its 55th Class Reunion. Yes, still more than a few of us standing. There will be at least one family birthday, i.e., John Robert Fox, my only grandson, age 8, and living with his parents, Shane and Erikah Fox, his elder sister, Eryn Marie Fox, and his younger sister, Danika Deering Fox, all in Louisville, Kentucky. We hope to have one all inclusive birthday party on or about, “his” day.

Thus, between return in February and departure in August, no plan; unless a special event occurs in northern Italy, of course. Always willing if the gods and spirits are willing, and the rivers don’t rise.

As for a personal note slash event; I was informed that on Sunday, 12th March, beginning about 13:00 hours/1 PM, there will be a ‘massive’ gathering in our abode to celebrate three March birthdays, mine being one of them (9th March). The other two members of the trio are Arno Luomanen of Finland (12 March), and Wilko Pulleman (9th March) of Oude Tonge, Netherlands. Arno has a wife who has two adult children, both married, both with two children; Wilko has a wife, and three children. Arno’s wife has a brother living in Leiden with his wife. Of course, I will be present in our house, with my wife, and her cousin (Bart).

A good time should be had by all.

Now to see if I can accomplish the feat of saving, and posting this, my first “blog”.




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